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Make your mic cables last longer by winding them properly. Don’t just loop and tie them or scrunch them up!!
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Online video sharing disruption of TV just got a whole lot more interesting “Unfortunately, the HD quality videos can only be viewed on the Vimeo site”
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“The company has announced a beta version of technology called “YouTube Video Identification” that is meant to help copyright holders control the distribution of their content.”
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The LA times take on the youtube copyright story
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A little film about an googles invaluable online office suite – via
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BBC and Adobe partner to bring Flash to the BBC’s I>player
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“A well-executed Facebook parody site called Hatebook has stepped in to provide (temporary) misanthropes with a place to air grievances about everything they hate.”
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“Foundations are stepping into the breach left by downsizing media companies, and not a minute too soon. This effort will, if it works, be a serious contributor to the news scene.”
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News Toolbox: 30 'news' websites

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Jay Rosen: The UK is two years behind the US

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