I tell my students to try and avoid pun headlines on the web. Physician heal thyself as they say.

I thought I would give a higher profile to a comment on my post about Jay Rosen left by Oliver Luft from Journalism.co.uk. He was at the Journalism Leaders forum and used his nifty stereo recordergramme device to get Rosen word for word.

A couple of audio snippets from Jay Rosen at the event:

On his next Assignment project

And talking about why UK papers are two years behind the US, bit of clarification on his point.

Worth a listen.

Also worth lifting out is a comment by Jay himself. He points to a few examples of the kind of wrk he is doing. This includes details of a new project* “beat blogging with a social network”*.

He’s also keen to point out that

When I said “two years behind,” I was not thinking of the people who on both sides of the pond are engaged in the new media discussion. People like Adrian, Robin Hamman, Kevin Anderson, Richard Sambrook, to name a few, are not “behind” anyone. This discussion in the UK and the discussion in North America are the same discussion. The Telegraph, The Guardian the BBC are doing as well as any US news organization. But you know that.

I was thinking more about the broad middle of the news profession and where they are in understanding the challenge of the Web and changing balance of power.

Changing balance of power is absolutely right.