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Meld is a project run by the Department of Journalism and Sandbox to get journalists and technologists to work together to come up with new ways to tell stories.

You could be a journalists and have always said. “Wouldn’t it be great if we could do this…”, but put the idea away because it needed some whizz-kid technologist to make it happen. Or you could be the whizz-kid with the great technology looking for the right story to tell.

The Meld project aims to bring you together in a unique 5 day residential melding lab. Over the five days you’ll get all the help and support you need (plus accommodation for the week and £500) to put together a pitch for your idea.

At the end of the week you’ll get chance to pitch that idea to our industry dragons. Sky, Johnston Press and Haymarket Media are all interested in what you come up with. If they like it then they can make you an offer.

We have added briefs from our Dragons to give you some idea of the areas they are interested in.

If you think you have an idea that Meld can help you develop then register on the site and start a conversation with us. You never know.

So, ignore the possible pants reference in the title and get yourself over meldonline.org.