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German website DerWesten has picked up on my video survey results in a blog post comparing their times with my results.

Markus Huendgen blogged about results comparing them to a breakdown of their production times for a Halloween video they created**:

  1. Preparation (accreditation etc.) about 1h
  2. Map (food Essen after to Bottrop) approximately 1.5 h
  3. The presence on the ground (filming scenes look etc.) about 3h
  4. Return (Bottrop after to Essen) about 0.5 hThus, we have already arrived at 6 hours.
  5. After processing (materials processing, sift, cut) approximately 2h
  6. Creating the video formats (streaming, downloading) approximately 1 h
  7. Adjusting to the portal (upload, articles) about 0.5 h

Come bottom line approximately 9.5 h For three minutes of video.

**it’s a Google translation of the page *

It’s a good vid (what those crazy kids will do for fun these days!) but even with improvements in the upload times, more efficiency in the editing and better setting up of contributors production times wouldn’t get much shorter.

So whilst Markus concedes that there may be benefits the reality is that this stuff takes time and takes Schweinegeld.

Roughly translated : Megabucks.

Note: Der Westen is a regional news portal by the Essen-based WAZ newspaper group. It’s a pretty impressive site with all kinds of web 2.0 goodness including geo-tagging of stories. It hasn’t been without friction though and Martin Stabe has nice post with more about Der Westen over at Press Gazette, laying out some of the issues.

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