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This is what happens when you don’t read your feed for a while. Everything I was going to add to delicious all in one post. Thanks David
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Great interview from Paul.
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Go HD online. One of those real world stapled to the back of the online world stories. Surface quality over editorial quality
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Google map love including a link to a nifty flash component that adds google map love to your flash projects
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“We can see the online-supported headlands on the other side, but there are a few years of deep pain until we get there”
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“How a newspaper approaches putting video on the web is very personal – and very much a part of who they are in the community and who their community is.” Amen, Amen and Amen
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“…bloggers are experts in navigating social media and are definitely more adept at finding the most important stuff than pretty much any journalist.”
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I will have one of these – oh yes, I will – and when I do I will do this.
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The social media splat, sorry, starfish. Very interesting comments as well
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“…mandating a certain amount of video per day is almost asking for trouble. What happens if an assignment falls through, or the subject doesn’t want to be filmed” I agree the tyranny of the click is best avoided in video
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“Because in this comsumer-driven culture no one, and no company wants to see negative media about them in the public domain” Local TV for accountable services. I think this is a pretty interesting collision of reputation management and new media
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“Whether it’s video, stills, or just audio, quality is what will separate the professionals from the citizen journalists.” No it isnt. It’s the capacity to ‘tell’ the stories they can’t or won’t in the best way visual or not.
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Not really like for like but an interesting take on multimedia production tools.
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“Here’s our collection of online conversion services as well as offline desktop tools which provide an easy way to convert files of various types and formats ranging from images, video to audio.”
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Video Workload survey: German figures

[Tweet]( website DerWesten has picked up on my video survey results in a blog post comparing their times with my results....

Frontline Club video training

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