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“Here’s four reasons why newspaper can beat televison stations in online video.”
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“…consolidation is inevitable. Any news organization has to get to the point where there is no difference between old media people and new media people.” from Jeff Jarvis
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“The Dallas Morning News created a video “trailer” for a new newspaper/online series called Unequal Justice and posted it on You Tube.” Cyber Journalist
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“The paper is creating a comment desk, starting with the hiring of four part-time staffers, to screen all reader submissions before posting them, an investment unheard of in today’s depressed newspaper business environment.”
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“…as the quality of video improves, more people will be willing to sit and watch streams of half-hour sitcoms, hour-long dramas, and maybe even entire movies.”
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“Almost two thirds of internet users in Europe are trading other forms of media for online, a new survey has suggested.”
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“Could we, the masses, expect just a bit more digital literacy from our glorious media leaders?”
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Online video brings a wealth of new opportunities for news sites and broadcasters — but it also presents a new challenge when it comes to audience measurement.
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“I’m sure the editors of the remaining 14 newsrooms have a reason for why they don’t take advantage of any of the video-sharing sites; a reason for why they would reject a simple opportunity to grow audience;”
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Big portals look for niche sites to work with.

[Tweet]([Corey Bergman]( at Lost Remote highlighted a Wall Street Journal piece about[ large portal sites looking to...

BBC Radio 4: Read all About it.

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