![Explosion](https://i2.wp.com/www.andydickinson.net/wp-content/uploads/2007/11/north-korea_nuk_explosion.jpg?resize=175%2C195 "Explosion")Theres a nice piece by Charles Layton at the AJR called [The Video explosion](http://www.ajr.org/Article.asp?id=4428).

He does a nice job of rounding up the approaches to newspaper video without falling in to the usuall tired debates or dicispiline specific traps that beset many ‘overviews’.

Of course I would say that, I get a mention.

One section that I found interesting was a look at the work of newspaper video ‘pioneer’ David Leeson. He made an interesting prediction:

As newspapers move deeper into the world of video, Leeson argues that frame grabs will keep photographers thinking and seeing just as they always have. Frame grabs, he says, will help to preserve the traditional arts and skills of great photojournalism. He thinks the day is coming soon when someone will win a Pulitzer Prize in photography from frame grabs. That would be a milestone.

It’s an interesting departure from the usual photojournalism protectionism that you see in many quarters. Part of me still feels it is still a bit of an effort to redefine the changes video continues to bring in favour of snappers. But the reality is this guy knows his onions and I would put my money on his pragmatic approach any day of the week

But I do have a criticism.

He mentions the results from my first video survey and one of the comments from the newspaper video group but not my second survey which I did in response to some of the comments generated by the first.

It’s a small niggle though. It’s a nice overview.