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I’m a geek. But you know that right?

So what was the last piece of technology that I bought? An iphone? A digital video camera?

It was a DAB radio.

I’m sat in my kitchen at the moment listening to a series called Mind Changers on Radio4

Claudia Hammond presents a series looking at the development of the science of psychology during the 20th century.

When Philip Zimbardo set up a mock prison, he had no idea that the resulting behaviour would be so extreme that he would have to abandon the experiment. Over 30 years later, when he saw photos of the abuse in Abu Ghraib, it was with the shock of recognition that he went on to testify in the defence of one of the accused soldiers.

I love radio. I don’t think there is any other medium that has such a range of storytelling and I love the way that it creates visuals up along side the audio.

So I’m constantly surprised that you don’t see more radio based multimedia on websites. For the sake of taking a camera along when gathering raw material. There are a wealth of captivating stories that could have another life on line.

Take Witness to an Execution by sound protraits.org. It’s a documentary about “the men and women involved with the execution of deathrow inmates at the Walls Unit in Huntsville, Texas. Narrated by Warden Jim Willett.”

The website offers plenty of audio for the programme but also a slideshow based on pictures taken for the Washington Post by Andrew Lichtenstein.

What stunning bit of multimedia.

Anyone got any more examples of radio documentary or feature content that has embraced multimedia?