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“Due to a new wiki launched by the New Zealand police, members of the public can now contribute to the drafting of the country’s new policing act.” If you could do that in your own country, what law would you write?
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May be old but worth re-posting every once in a while
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Again it my be old but this is very cool
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“Details of the new design of the BBC homepage have gradually been ‘leaking’ onto the web.”
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Mark Glaser reads my mind via channelling a post by Mindy McAdams
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Ifra publishes newsroom, mobile services research results
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“Flash is not a magic elixir. ” And if Mindy says that then you better start listening
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“Only Nixon could have gone to China, and only Mindy McAdams could write a post entitled “Flash is not the answer.””Howards take on Mindy’s post
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“The latest addition to a growing list of hyper-local media in Scotland sees two community magazines ” Via Martin Stabe
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Melissa Worden’s take on the AJR article that I got a mention in.
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Adam Tinworth comments on the NUJ report and the tragic missuse of Blogit on their website
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“Yes, a lot of the video on newspaper sites isn’t great. Some of it’s atrocious. But it’s getting better fast.”
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David Dunkley Gyimah outlines why journalism training has never been more pressing in today’s climate.
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“Everybody, at all levels, needs to be thinking strategically and fully understanding where things are headed.”

Wordpress as a cms for journalists

[Tweet]( Hermida has a great post on how he [beat a tight budget by using WordPress as a CMS](http://reportr....

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