A great bit of multimedia at the website for US Newspaper the News Observer cam my way via the newspaper video group. It’s very swish, great quality and shows how newspapers can go that extra mile with a running story.


Travis Long, one of the team involved, has posted a bit of background to the process on his blog. One bit that was nice to see was the way they planned the package:

After Shawn struggled in vain with iMovie, we decided to team up and hit the studio last Sunday. We started by writing sound bytes onto stickies that we organized into clusters on the window and door of the studio. This is how we story boarded the five minute video.

Post it

Photo by Shawn Rocco

I love this way of working especially for video and multimedia people thinkinging about going online.  I posted about it a while back in response to a question by Mindy McAdams.

Good job guys.