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So perhaps this new model of high tech freelancers filling the gaps could help catapult papers’ online storytelling into the new age, while balancing stock holders demands for high profit (as uncool as that may be to say or rationalize).
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The problem is that the winning formula taught in journalism schools is a loser on the web.
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Erik Huggers, group controller for future media and technology at the BBC, said video distributed on the Internet will remake the broadcaster.
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“Bloggers suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, journalists suffer from Attention deficit disorder.”
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What ‘s so troubling is that such passion about defending the status an individual journalist seems odd when I rarely, if ever, see the same names weighing in with this kind of enthusiasm about actual acts of journalism, good or bad.
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Journalists don’t like regulation so lets regulate everyone else instead… well not quite but almost
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Whale Hunt

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Barriers to convergence

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