Meld: The Aftermath

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The departments [meld ]( has finished and we are pretty pleased with the way it went. There will be some discussion about what we would do differently and we hope everyone involved with continue to be part of that discussion.

Paul Egglestone

The man who made it happen – Paul Egglestone

The ‘Dragons’

The Dragons – Chris Green (Johnston Press),  Mark Payton (Haymarket Media)and Simon Bucks (Sky News)

Simon and his pure video recorder

Is this a sneak peek at sky’s new handheld digibox?  No, it’s Simon Bucks going all P&S with his Pure Flip Video 

links for 2007-12-14

[Tweet]( [Some conflicting lessons on journalism ethics re: forums, social networks, mailing lists and blogs « Online Journalism Blog](

Big TV and Little TV: Sky's Simon Bucks on video

[Tweet]( shot some odds and ends of video for the [Meld blog]( including stuff with our industry...   Never miss a story from, get updates in your inbox.