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The fourth post of the Model for the 21st Century Newsroom looks at how distribution is changing from a push/pull model to a tripartite, push-pull-pass, one.
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“It caused me to think, because I have always defined myself as an online journalist, despite the fact that I was trained as a newspaper journalist and for most of my career I worked for a public service broadcaster, the BBC. “
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Scary but compelling pictures
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“If you’ve got the SOT, why waste any more time. Leave. Say thank you.” Dave DG’s approach to interviewing
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“what is an online journalist? Should newspapers and sites be striving to reach a common consensus on what a reporter does – and equally important, doesn’t?”
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Use Twitter and “make sure to grab logical usernames before someone else does.”
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Multimedia Journal will show you how to tap into your creativity by guiding you through a variety of activities that will prod your imagination so you can capture new ideas for multimedia storytelling.
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“This technological insurgency shouldn’t surprise us: after all, it’s wrapped up in language itself, which has long defied any attempt to commodify it. “
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“I can’t help but wonder what the next generation of news shooters will look like and wether or not a fossilized photog like myself will still be allowed to roam the Earth.”
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Health and safety for video

[Tweet]( recent [NUJ report on multimedia working]( in journalism highlighted health and safety...

Refining my video predictions.

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