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France’s News 24 has an interesting project in beta called The Observers, in which the audience does the the reporting, but experienced editors manage the content.
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Good question.
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Scott Karp “[F]ive principles that I believe will guide the ongoing transformation of media companies.”
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“I’ll be posting stuff about conversations, and in particular how companies are doing when it comes to having conversations with their key constituents.”
Steve Petersen – “Hopefully, in 2008, more journalists will realize this and value the online medium by viewing it as a complement to their work and not a threat.”
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China has decided to restrict the broadcasting of Internet videos – including those posted on video-sharing Web sites – to sites run by state-controlled companies and require providers to report questionable content to the government.
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“Avid today announced Pinnacle™ Video Transfer, an innovative device that records analog video onto any USB 2.0 storage device without using a PC” – Looks interesting
“And it’s kind of sexy.” more on the avid/pinnacle thing
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“When I was talking with the USA Today reporter about the latest Pew study, she asked me about the whole boys dominating online video stat — i.e. why aren’t more girls producing and uploading videos?”
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Refining my video predictions.

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Defining newsaper video: Video Illustration

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