Refining my video predictions.

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[Mindy McAdams put some ‘spin’ ]( my [predictions for 2008 ]( came up with a neat list of things to consider on the path to video goodness.
  1. Get your act together on your site’s metrics.

  2. Get your act together on **a strategy for video stories. **

  3. Get your act together on workflow for video.

  4. Get your act together on placement and promotion.

  5. Get your act together on making money from your video.

The more I think about it the more I think that editorial teams demanding better metrics is a vital thing to do to make video happen.

I also think that the placement and promotion of video is also a great point to highlight. In expanding on point four, Mindy asks a very important question about video: * “Are they linked directly to related stories?”*

I commented in my prediction post that print is very bad at cross promotion; still hung up on the primacy of the printed product (the web first resistance proves that one). But when there is video on a site then it’s often hidden away in some video/audio section away from any other content. Not only do people never visit it but when they do it takes them further from the rest of the site. No wonder video clicks are down.

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