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Journalism without Journalists: Vision or Caricature?
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“When college kids make mashups of Hollywood movies, are they violating the law? Not necessarily”
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The article takes a look at the new focus on pumping up page views on the Web, partly through what is known as SEO: search engine optimization
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Great ideas on how mobile technology can be used to generate microblogging content
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“Most people never open their camera’s manual because they are huge, and starting guides only tell you how to turn the cam on and off. You don’t have to read the whole manual. Here are some things that are well worth finding in the manual.”
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UK’s search engines accounted for 63% of Internet advertising revenue in 2007, with an expected 2% increase for 2008.
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Okay, one of my new years resolutions is to enjoy more wine. So shoot me!
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“Quit pretending that the stuff you put in there every day is useful. Much of it is not, and you know it.” “Do it fast and furiously, as if your life depended on it. Because it does”
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Does your CMS dictate your content?

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Top this and that

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