What was popular in 2007:

Top Posts for the year

  1. Creating a slideshow using windows movie maker**(two or three tutorial sites harvested this tutorial)
  2. Writing Script
  3. Video workload survey results
  4. Online Video Shooting tips
  5. imovie08 review
  6. Newspaper video editing and apps
  7. UK newspaper video. A quick overview
  8. Newspaper video: expensive kit is an ethical issue apparently
  9. Free online screen-capture tool
  10. Video survey results: overview

**Top search terms to the site for the year **(showing just how little variety there is in my subject matter!)

  1. script writing
  2. bbci player
  3. imovie 8
  4. writing a script
  5. new imovie
  6. imovie 8 review
  7. screen capture online
  8. video shooting tips
  9. writing script
  10. imovie 08 review