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I’m not one to regurgitate press releases, but squirreled away on the Avid website (they make big league edit software) web site was a mention for a Gannett newspaper TheCincinnati Enquirer.

There is some corporate guff as you would expect. But some interesting insight as well.

“Video producers at The Enquirer come from all walks of journalistic life – reporters, photographers, and editors. As the traditional newspaper business evolves to include more interactive and video content, these individual contributors have to assume new responsibilities – and they need a reliable and agile video production solution to keep up with a fast-paced and constantly changing news environment,” said The Enquirer’s Multimedia & Presentation Editor, Kenneth Amos. “The Enquirer turned to Avid because of its understanding of the news production process and ability to adapt its broadcast technologies to a traditional print-based newsroom. Avid’s deep experience implementing digital video production workflows made it a no-brainer to work with them on this transformation of our business – and it’s already paid off.”

This work flow obviously doesn’t include cleaning the lens. But I nitpick

The release suggests that the heavily broadcast influenced workflow of Avid is going to produce big things. The press release promises a doubling of their out put to over 150 videos a week this year.

Given the seeming ubiquity of Final Cut Pro (be still Vegas users, the figures back that up) in the US newspaper video world it will be interesting to see how Avid works out. Less for the paper and more for Avid as they make a move in to publishing that is long overdue.