Neil Mcintosh has a bit of advice for jdeans and jstudents out there. Watch the Guardian’s US correspondent Suzanne Goldenberg ‘on the hustle’

Suzanne’s in fine form as she beetles round interviewing campaign workers, fending off absurd requests from officials to stop doing what every good reporter does – asking lots, and lots, of questions. You don’t often get to see a journalist at work like this, which is what might make it useful for those j-deans out there.

I watched it and  at times, hell, all of it was like watching Michael Moore with a fur lined coat and purple handbag.

The video is okay as an authored piece but it’s labored.

But I agree. You don’t get to see many journalists at work like this. Yeah, you have to be pushy. You don’t do what you are told.  You have to go the extra mile for a story.  But I think one of the reasons we don’t see more stories like this is that generally journalists try and remember that they are not the story.