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The latest Journalism Carnival. Hosted by Adrian Monck
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Today I am launching a sister site to the Online Journalism Blog: Journalism will review websites that are attempting to make money from journalism in the new media age. Consider it a TechCrunch of journalism startups.
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“It is the politics show that’s politically right, not politically correct,” said Guy Ruddle, the multimedia editor of Telegraph Media Group. “It is political TV with bias.” – Oh, shit.
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Juan Antonio Giner reprints a belter of a Sun front page and makes the very valid point that “The European formula doesn’t work anymore. It’s time to re-invent these newspapers.” You can’t argue with the logic.
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Good advice in this post, and the comments, on shooting video sequences in camera. Good stuff
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A good article on the efforts local US TV are making in local community sites
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More commentary on the Broadcasting and Cable by Lost Remote
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