Today I closed down my Facebook account. Like many others on the web I read Tom Hodgkinson’s piece on the people behind Facebook in Monday’s Guardian. Scary stuff. A rant? Facebook snobbery?

I don’t know. Maybe just the excuse I needed to reduce the amount of online life to manage. Do I lose some digital journalism kudos points for not being pokeable anymore?

Maybe I was feeling disposed to the Guardian after Readers Editor Siobhain Butterworth put up such a spirited defense of their Army fitness suppliment from last week:

The diverse feedback – positive and negative – about the fitness programme is useful to bear in mind when the archetypal Guardian reader is invoked, as he was in this email: “I can only assume that your new army fitness programme is some kind of revenge taken by the army on your bearded, lefty, rope-sandal-wearing readers for their lack of support over Iraq and their agnosticism over Afghanistan,” said a (bearded and lefty?) objector.

It’s a good read. Now if only that persuasive power could make me do the exercise regime.