I’m not going to lie, this made me smile.

Apparently it’s a homage to the “notion of independence and independent reporting”. No really. Gizomodo Editor, Brian Lam says so

[b]loggers and trade journalists, so desperate for a seat at the table with big mainstream publications have it completely backwards: You don’t get more access by selling out for press credentials first chance you get, kowtowing to corporations and tradeshows and playing nice; you earn your respect by fact finding, reporting, having untouchable integrity, provocative coverage and gaining readers through your reputation for those things. Our prank pays homage to the notion of independence and independent reporting. And no matter how much access the companies give us, we won’t ever stop being irreverent. That’s what this prank was about and what the press should understand.

I’m not sure what I make of that. He could have said it was a piece of performace art and used a similar argument for all the depth it has.

Thanks to Getting Ink for pointing this one out.