OK, that’s shameless link bait. But I’m generally disappointed with what appeared at Macworld.

Yes, the new laptop is nice. Yes, I’m sure it’s a breakthrough in engineering. But I’m also sure it will probably find that it gets most of its business as an option for those who where also considering a PC laptop as long as it would come with diamonte cover.

After the recent flurry of cool hardware like the ipod touch and Iphone- truly innovative – I was hoping that they would give me more of what I moved to Mac for in the first place – killer apps.

When I decided to go Mac it was because Final Cut Pro and all the apps around it worked together. I was cutting on an Avid (which just happened to be running on a mac) using things like After Effects for the complex stuff. But even when PC’s got more powerful, when I looked at my PC laptop, I couldn’t see anything that came close to offering the flexibiltiy that the Apple software offered. I wanted that flexibility so I had to go mac.

FCP is now such a mature app that anything they add is just icing on the cake. There is no point in reinventing the wheel.

But until there is that killer app. That FCP that demands an air or a macbook pro. If I was PC based I would be finding less reason to make the shift this year.