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Not more link bait. Although try putting iphone or Mac Air in to a post and watch Akismet go mental.

No, this was a post by Dennis Dunleavy which points to a photo essay shot entirely on an iphone by Mother Jones magazine Washington Bureau Chief, David Corn. And boy doesn’t it show just how ropey the iphone cam can be.

Dunleavy predicts that

Corn’s approach is most likely something that will remain with us in an age where anyone with a camera phone can snap away a kilter and publish the results instantly.

And even though he doesn’t see it as the death knell for photojournalism, it’s something we have to get used to.

Even if the pictures aren’t perfect, they still count as a visual record of events. The more people like Corn remain enthusiastic enough to play around with the iPhone at major events, the more extensive the visual reportage becomes. And that isn’t all that bad.

On lighter note, the vagaries of the iphone cam did make me look twice at a shot of Rudy Giuliani. Couldn’t quite put my finger on what it reminded me of…

Rudy and Balok

No? Just me then.

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