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The Guardian, my weekend newspaper reading, landed heavy on the doormat this morning with a really good suppliment on making video.

Plenty of great practical advice (although the imovie tutorials are for ’06) and camera advice that goes from phones to camcorders. There is also a good round up of formats by Dan Ghung.

In terms of camcorders they recommend (in order of price):

  • JVC GR-D720 – 199
  • Sanyo VPC-CG65 – 200
  • Canon DC201 – 230
  • JVC GZMG275 – 500
  • Sony HDR-SR8 – 900
  • Panasonic HDC SX5 – 700
  • Cannon HV20 – 750
  • Sony HDR HC7 – 750

Their site has one of the articles in the guide section already and I’m hoping that they will put more over the week. They also have their guides for sale so fingers crossed this one appears soon.

Also worth a look is their photography guide.

And it’s all much, much better than the Greek Myths and knitting malarkey.

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