I hope this doesn’t break the cross posting rules of the Newspaper video list but I thought it was worth shareing this video from the [Detroit Free Press.](http://www.freep.com)

It’s part of their coverage of an investigation in to Detroit’s mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. The accusation being he lied under oath in a cover-up involving the sacking of the deputy fire chief.

Civic, criminal, juicy gossip. All the bases covered in this story. But two things really stood out for me.

First is the production. OK, there have been some comments on the mix of voice overs (all that needed was a more obvious graphic or an addition to the first line of script to set that up). But what’s really nice is the way they visually used the actual transcripts. Nice editing, genuine and interested voice over. A nice part of the package.


The second part is the way it works off  you tube.  It’s still not that common for papers to be uploading to youtube. But the number of comments and links (and views) proves that you can keep the debate going.

Yes, it isn’t on their site but it opens up your access to debates in other areas. Following the links from Youtube took me to some interesting blogs with broader comment. All keeping the story alive. All linking back to the paper.

Good stuff