Heraldnet’s Elaine Helm has been pondering the success of a video of the* “King of Scandanavian Humour’*[Stan Boreson performing ‘I just don’t look good naked any more’](http://www.heraldnet.com/article/20071221/MULTIMEDIA/283841756)


Sometimes an article or video gains a life of its own after it’s posted. That’s what has happened with a video we posted Dec. 21 of local legend Stan Boreson performing his song “I Just Don’t Look Good Naked Anymore.”

By the end of December, the video had been viewed about 11,000 times. That would have been enough for me. But it appears to be picking up steam in January. To date this month, it has had more than 50,000 views.

That was on January 10th. By the 21st Helm was reporting that “the video was seen early 400,000 times last week alone.” 

Now you could look for some deep level of understanding about the way viral videos work. This could be the almost perfect definition of evergreen content. But maybe it’s simple. As Helm says* “They must relate to the message”.* Looking at some of the blogs that link to the story that sounds about right.  From the diary of nudist to a number of the ’round robin’ style weblogs.

It’s just entertaining stuff.  It looked like fun to shoot as well although it seems like it wasn’t an in-house production.

Have you got anything like that in your video archive?  If not why not?

I bet you have more than one Stan Borenson on your patch.