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Angela picks an example of a high-quality video illustration except that i dont thing its illustrative video. The video is great but it isnt embedded in the page. All the context is gone
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Pat Thornton tells us what he wants. What he really, really wants. And I want it too.
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“£35 tariff customers receiving 600 free minutes per month instead of 200”. Hooray. Maybe I can put twitter alerts back on
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“Perhaps it is simply that many people only read the news when there’s actually news to read.” Simple and true.
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“A panel of experts has named Tim Berners-Lee as the most influential figure in the world of technology over the last 150 years.”
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The future is so, so exciting. But not until April
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Guardian video suppliment: more content

[Tweet]( a few people have been hitting my post about the Guardians making video supplement. So I thought I would let...

HDV: A guide to everything

[Tweet]( more technical video post this one that came about in a bit of a long winded way. But bare*  stickwith...   Never miss a story from, get updates in your inbox.