A more technical video post this one that came about in a bit of a long winded way. But bare*  stickwith me

Chuck Fadley posted a link on the newspaper video group to a youtube video showing Sony’s latest HDV recorder thingy – HVR-MRC1 . It comes as standard with the HVR- XZ7 and the HVR- S270.

So what’s so exciting about it , apart from all those numbers?

Well as well as being part of the kit, not an extra, it records to generic SD cards. No Sony sticks or cards in sight. It also records to the card and tape simultaneously. So you can archive your tape and get immediate ingest in to an editor without the real time wait. Time saved.

Be Frank about HDV

In reading around about this I came across a page called Frank’s thoughts on HDV. This has to be one of the most thorough lists of cameras, decks, edits apps and output options for HDV you could ever want.

Shoot on an HV20?. No problem. There are links to manuals, reviews and even the HV20 owners forum. One link, on the Sony A1E section, pointed me a to a BBC website where you can find details on how to set-up most of the common camcorders to the BBC’s preferred colour set-up. How geeky is that?

Perhaps the most useful section is a round-up of editing platforms for HDV. All the names are here with solid background and reviews. So if you need info to support a business case…

Okay it’s a bit dry in places. But for the more technical or even those looking at answering those technical questions when skills develop this is a geek goldmine.

**thanks to **Barrie Stephenson **for pointing out that typo. Sadly I wasn’t advocating a nudist blog post session. Still, if that takes your fancy, you could try *this