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Apple go a bit bonkers with movie tutorials. Lots of stuff here for those of you struggling with Imovie 8
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News organisations should not be seduced by the flashy CMS vendors at trade shows and instead investigate the disruptive innovation possible through open-source development. What are your journalists doing 18 clicks away from publishing?
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Thus proving my theory that some VJ’s are just frustrated indies trying to get ideas on TV. I thought the whole point was that this new way of working was meant to eschew the TV paradigm and use the net to subvert the old business models. Oh well.
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“It’s with mixed feelings that I announce the end of one of my projects, This site has been serving Chicago residents since May 2005. I hope you’ll indulge me in a brief retrospective.”
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Alf has some great ideas of what you could do with this new wordpress prologue theme “A user could just read the entries related to one aspect of a news story, say posts about police statements, or eyewitness accounts.”
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Urchin Software from Google is a web analytics product similar in scope to Google Analytics, except you install and manage the software on your own servers.
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Peter Horrocks: BBC mulimedia chief gets vlogged

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Video training: Avoid the training rollercoaster

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