[![Vlog butterfly](https://i2.wp.com/www.andydickinson.net/wp-content/uploads/2008/02/vlog.jpg?w=525)](http://www.viewmagazine.tv/global_vlog.html)

Video whirlwind David Dunkley Gyimah has been out and about with his camera and got a chat with the BBC’s Peter Horrocks.

Uniquely, Horrocks was also fielding video questions from a number of super bloggers, academics and journalists from around the world enveloping multimedia journalism in what’s referred to as a Vlog Butterfly.

That’s right. He spiced things up by asking a number of people to submit video questions to Peter that he could play in to the interview.

One of them was me. So if you want to see the floating head of Andy (put the shields up Mr Sulu) on video you can see it at Dave’s Vlog butterfly.

Others chipping in include

It’s a cool idea. Really picking up on that interactive interview vibe that’s around at the moment.

Oh, and Peter has lot’s of interesting things to say.

Go and check it. and Thanks to Dave for asking me to be involved and putting up with my last minute hold ups.

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