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“Thanks to a little help from Yahoo’s Pipes, you can even blog from Google Maps. Think of it as your own personal geo blogging tool.”
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Tony Hirst has a set of great pipes (yahoo that is) for twitter and google mash up heaven. Great stuff
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“It’s ideal for publishing breaking news (it’s like a ticker that runs not just across your website but across your users’ screens too).” Julie has some nice thoughts on twitter and her ongoing hatred of trucated content 🙂
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“Tell us what’s making you upset at your journalism job. Anonymity guaranteed. One rule: no real names.” GRRRR rant GRRR. This is a great idea. Now who is going to set up a twitter/facebook style app for this
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Given the current debate I suppose Dreamweaver should be in here but I love the fact that in at number 4… Shorthand.
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The wiki of the post of the list of obsolete skills.
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“Heavy Viewers are into niche video-sharing sites such as, and” Interesting
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Those shooting SD and using FCP will be interested in these tests and image comps. None of that make sense?move along nothing to worry about just geek stuff
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A video guide to video strategy

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