This may be the most exquisite site I have seen on the web – and obviously I’m behind the game since it started in 2005. We feel fine is an aggregation of statements from blogs that contain the word “I feel” or “I am feeling”. It displays them in a number of different ways including a pic/statement mashup like the one above. In some ways it’s the least interesting of the views and any description just doesn’t do it justice. Go and have a play.

Here is the guy behind it – Jonathan Harris – talking about the inspiration and his next project:

If that name doesn’t ring a bell then perhaps his work doe. He is the guy behind an inspirational bit of multimedia called whalehunt.

If that’s all a bit esoteric for your taste then check out his Universe project – He mentions it in the film. Mapping stories as constellations. Fantastic


Here is one view generated from the word earthquake

Thanks to Nic Haralambous for the link