So DNA is underway with a key note from VJ evangelist Michale Rosenblum.  His speech was pitched to the crowd. The sky is falling! [Robin Hamman gets up his first post from DNA](http://www.cybersoc.com/) and says what I wanted to say about Rosenblum’s pitch:

Rosenblum’s talk was interesting, well delivered and entertaining but I can’t help but think that he’s maybe spent too much time whipping up his perfect storm and not enough actually out there in the real world. There’s a vast gulf between the media landscape he describes, where media companies put little effort into “the fuck ups” in the corner who run online, and the massive investment and talent being thrown at new media by the BBC (my employer) and many others.

For me the talk made clear just how flexible a issue technology in debate. At some points technology was the killer – the inevitable machine that will eventually consume you. On the other it is the big red herring. The thing that distracts us from the real point – the audience.

Perhaps thats going to be the big problem at this conference. The industry wants to hear that the technology is the red herring except they don’t understand the audience who is engaging with it.