The pitch:

The newspaper industry is at the front of the digital wave that is engulfing all media companies. Faced with dwindling subscribers with an aging demographic and advertisers wanting cross-platform impact, the print industry is fundamentally changing working practices and delivery options to maintain their revenues and brand value. Print-only is no longer an option and print-based media companies are now producing content via online video, mobile phones and via a host of digital platforms and applications. In this session we will examine these strategies and whether digital content such as video can save the print industry.

The people:

Edward Roussel, Digital Editor, Telegraph Media Group

Bas Broekhuizen, Editor, Volkskrant TV

Charles de Vroede, Deputy Chief Editor, de Telegraaf

Adriaan Bouten, Senior VP, Chief Information Officer, (I&M), McGraw-Hill

Joris Van Heukelom, Director, Cross Media, DAG

The result. The same old stuff.

Who are the people who don’t get it? CEO’s, editors and ad sales people. Really! Some talk about who they would and wouldnt put in front of a camera. And (making the last point seem a bit odd) why newspaper video was different from TV. And why?Well, we never really got to that.

It seemed that the reason newspaper video was different to TV was that it is easier to say what newspaper video isn’t than define what it is.

The most sensible statement of the session came from the Telegraphs Ed Roussel. Sell the idea of video to a skeptical workforce by training. Yes.

In terms of good video the best thing to come out of the session was…