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“Maybe this is just one of my old time caffeine infused rants, either way this is my crisis of faith in the Video God.” Richard shakes his fist at the sky. God doesnt listen
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A great list of media orgs that twitter. Thanks to Carlos Garanier=Phelps for the effort .twi
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It was just a matter of time till it happened but I bet there will half as many posts as Angryjournalist. Thanks to Ryan for the heads-up
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“an introduction to the social Internet by Michael Wesch, assistant professor of cultural anthropology at Kansas State University.” Nice
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Perhaps we should worry more that he will become the template by which MSM describe CJ’s
Colin attempts to talk Richard off the ledge after is video god crisis of faith
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The latest chickin lickin survey from Zogby causes yelvington concern ” I’m not seeing any discussion of the survey methodology, which is troubling”
“I’ve gotten questions from TV lifers who are wondering what it’s like to work at a paper, so here goes…” Nice insight
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DNA2008: The last post (for today)

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DNA2008 - Day2: Multi platform

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