- [Why tripods SUCK! : MultimediaShooter](http://www.multimediashooter.com/wp/gear/why-tripods-suck/#more-772)

I was recently surprised to find that my monopod had a hidden feature. Three tiny ‘tripod’ legs hidden in the bottom of the monopod.

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Watch this fascinating 22-minute interview with Chris Anderson, editor of Wired magazine, by Charlie Rose.

“It’s time to plant a few more seeds in your social web garden in an effort to generate true fans.”

A couple of lines of advice about getting video to work on news sites from US photojournalist Colin Mulvaney, as found on Newsgang.

Howard picks out a video quality quote from “Chris Anderson, editor of Wired Magazine and author of The Long Tail”

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Listen below to excerpts of advice Miami Herald visual journalist Ricardo Lopez (left) gave Greg Linch’s online journalism class on Feb. 28.

Common craft do twitter. Yeah!

“The message from DNA according to the Executive I spoke to who’s at the forefront of shaping his international media organisation is that Training Matters. “

Lots of different things, but we’ll still need editors to tell us what we need. Like the list but I think editors of the old school we’ll tell you what you need ilk is a long dead concept.

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“There are always ways of looking at how we can condense what we put onto mobile, but at this stage I don’t think it’s necessary,” Chamberlain said.

Mohamed Nanabhay, head of new media Al Jazeera Network tells Media08 about their strategy

Ryan Sholin on “the last two years of trouble at the San Jose Mercury News from my personal point of view,”

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