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Avid move stuff around and get more social but putting an MC badge on Xpress to make MC look cheaper seems backwards. Make a sub $800 avid xpress lite and scoop up some of that Vegas/FCexpress market
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Paul Bradshaw picks up on ITV’s and Reuters take on behind the scenes war reports. “In both these examples of online journalism the implicit question is ‘Why are we doing this?’ The answers provided by the two pieces could hardly be more different.”
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Interesting idea to use the iPhone as a storyboard aid
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“Perhaps I’m imagining this, because it is hard to believe it’s true, but it looks to me that Flickr has eliminated a key feature — no, the key feature — of its site.” You can no longer embedd photos. !!!!You can no longer embed photos.
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“The BBC has been debating the ethics of taking material from social networking site. But these guidelines fail to tackle this area”
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YES. Be recognised as a particpating member of the communities you want to engage with
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Get involved in the conversation: Travolution's Kevin May

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