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The cautionary tale of firmware upgrades and what happens when you a big company dicks around with a tool that thousands of journalists are using.
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A timley reminder from Sally about the publish and be dammned problems with blogs
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Camera porn! It has a 2/3″ sensor called the Mysterium X for heavens sake
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More Red video porn..
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“While doesn’t split out the embedded numbers, it’s clear that embedding has paid off in spades”
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“Getting into video isn’t as easy as setting up a blog, so here’s some advice of which direction to head in.” Start small , think big. How the people formally known as the audience are getting in to this videostuff
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Whatever kills you makes me stronger

[Tweet]( [great line from Alexandre Gamela]( thinking about Lisa Williams’[ Ten Things Journalists...

Paxman and pathetic attempts

[Tweet]( Robin and Alf ( thanks guys) posted on the BBC’s Jeremy Paxman *“arrogance or a joke that misfired?” *about submitting videos...   Never miss a story from, get updates in your inbox.