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Dave Bednarski, a Signal vs. Noise reader, sent over a really cool Mac OS X Automator script (download the script) to pull the front pages from the papers you like and combine them into a single PDF.
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“Anyone who wishes to access the footage can easily do so, and there is no point in barring the News of the World from showing what is already available.”
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A very nice example of using lofi to tell a story. Lego to explain terminating parental rights. Nicely made.
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Jennifer Woodard Maderazo has a nice round up of media tools over at mediashift
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Paxman and pathetic attempts

[Tweet]( Robin and Alf ( thanks guys) posted on the BBC’s Jeremy Paxman *“arrogance or a joke that misfired?” *about submitting videos...

Watching the watchers

[Tweet](’t Twitter great? As well as the very entertaining toon theme Friday that [Paul B got started](   Never miss a story from, get updates in your inbox.