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Last night I settled down with the wife and a bottle of wine to watch a film. Finding a film we will both sit through is tricky – men from mars, women from venus stuff you know. But we decided on [The Kingdom](

Not a bad film but what really lifted it for both of us was the title sequence. A potted history of the relationship between America, Saudi Arabia and oil.

Click this to take you to a movie of the title sequence

It was commented on at the time. One blogger described it as* “presenting a heroic amount of backstory.”* Which it certainly does and in some style. It’s brilliant.

Made by the PIC design agency, it shows how compelling good motion graphics can be. Just imagine that concept with interactivity – thats what digital storytelling could be about.

UPDATE: And in similar style but a little more, shall we say, authored…

Watching the watchers

[Tweet](’t Twitter great? As well as the very entertaining toon theme Friday that [Paul B got started](

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