Isn’t Twitter great? As well as the very entertaining toon theme Friday that [Paul B got started](http://onlinejournalismblog.com/2008/04/18/twittercartoonday/) last week (kudos Paul) I picked up this page of advice to company/PR type people on [“what they should be monitoring” ](http://www.thenewpr.com/wiki/pmwiki.php?pagename=WhatToMonitor.HomePage)from the masterful [Mark Comerford](http://markmedia.blogs.com/).

In some respects this strikes me as one of those issues like quality –  If you have to have a policy or committee for quality then you have no quality. Likewise, if you arent doing some of the things on this list already, well, you’re not very good at PR are you.

Then again, perhaps that’s harsh.  Somethings often need repeating and the value re-emphasizing. After all who has time for this stuff in real life?

Maybe this is just as useful as a check list for journos to check through? And interesting list though.

On a related note. Am I being rude by posting a link that popped up in a twitter conversation. It feels kind of like e-eavesdropping.