It’s been a while since one passed by but [Adam over at one man and his blog has tagged me with a meme](http://www.onemanandhisblog.com/archives/2008/04/why_i_still_buy_magazines.html).

Do you still read magazines? Do you pick up a daily newspaper? Or have you moved entirely online. Andrew of Engagement 101 challenged me to list the three magazine I would subscribe to in printed form.

And then he passed the challenge on.

So here are my three (four)

Sight and Sound Magazine Mac Format

Cinefex is a US magazine specialises in detailed articles about the special effects in movies. great pictures and in-depth text tells the story of how grown-ups can spend hours having more fun than is legal.

This taps in to the geek, kid and jealous wage slave in me. I would love to be doing this kind of stuff. Essential wish fulfillment and perhaps the very definition of niche magazine.

Sight and Sound
I love film. Normally the bolder and brahser the better – I like my film escapist. But unlike the bigger brasher film mags Sight and Sound is always consistently readable from cover to cover.

Private EyeMac Format
I like macformat because its a mac magazine in the sense that it’s glossy and nice but not as empty as those icreate ones and interesting but not as occasionally dry like MacUser. It’s a bit more hands- on. Although to be fair it would be close run thing. I’d pick up either at the newstand.

**Private Eye
**I do subscribe to this magazine (is it a magazine). It feeds my cynical world view and though it sometimes isn’t funny – please stop with the yobs and the premiershits already. – it is always an interesting read.

So there you go Adam. Tagged and bagged (without the celophane and annoyoning ads)

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