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For thise P&S people out there this review of Kodaks Z885 that also looks at its video capacity may be of interest
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Alf isnt impressed with the idea of Multimeida convesion producers in the new BBC multimedia newsrooms. He would rather see “broadcast conversion producers”. I think he is right.
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Dave over at viewmagazine gets the kind of calls that everyone wants. A major broadcaster wants a VJ for world travel and much kudos. Dave is busy so he’s offering to pass on contacts to the producers. Go an take a look
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“The website as we know it is breaking apart. Widgets, API’s and feeds take information to other places outside the domain. ” A good article from Wilbert Baan an interaction designer for de Volkskrant.
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some good comment bait from Paul as he asks if we want all the journalists looking for work teaching journalism?
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RSS is here and it works so now “It’s time for marketing people to step up and save everyone on the planet a boatload of time by making RSS digestible for the 98% of people that don’t spend their days drowning in techie acronyms and buzzwords.” Good s
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Top quality student websites

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Does the ONA need a video Journalism award?

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