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The Online News Association have added a new Online video journalism award to their 2008 gongs.

(NEW) Online Video Journalism
This category honors excellence in video journalism original to the Web. Emphasis will be placed on compelling narrative, originality and creative use of the medium. Entries may consist of a single story or up to three examples from a series related to a single topic.

Compelling narrative is encouraging. Originality and creative use of the medium is also pretty exciting. But I have to say that a separate section like this makes me wonder is this award really necessary.

They already have an award for multimedia presentation that I think better sums up where effective use of video should be going.

Multimedia Feature Presentation
This category honors excellence in telling a story to an online audience using multimedia techniques, including interactive graphics, Flash, photography, audio and video. In addition to the quality of the journalism, emphasis will be placed on visual design and the artful blending of multiple media into a single presentation.

That would strike me as a better way of defining originality and creative use of the medium. Still, if they can pull it off, perhaps it will generate some benchmarks for video. However you want to use it.

Whatever it does, I’m sure it will generate debate

Entries by the 31st May

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