Do you have a hard time understanding just what makes your editor tick? Trying to get a handle on newsroom strategy? Then why not leave this handy quiz lying around in the office.

How webby are you?
When you talk to other editors and the talk turns to the web do you wonder what it is they are talking about or do they look at you like your talking a foreign language?

Take this handy quiz to find out just how webby you are:

Does your publication have a website?

  1. A web what?
  2. Yes, we have just got one
  3. Yep, we’ve had one for a while – it’s very nice

Have you ever posted a story to the web before it made the paper or on air?

  1. Absolutely not. What would be the point of the newspaper
  2. Yes, but only the ones that aren’t an exclusive.
  3. Yes, we try and get stories on the web when they break but we go for depth in the paper

Has your website published a mobile phone picture from a reader?

  1. No one uses mobiles for pictures. I get my son to show me.
  2. We let users send in pictures of their nights-out and pets but that’s it
  3. We often put out calls for pictures when there is a big local event

Do more than 1% of your newsroom staff blog?

  1. Wash your mouth out. I run a clean newsroom
  2. They may do but I’m not sure
  3. We have one or two well known faces from the paper who blog as part of the website but know others have their own personal blogs as well

Has your newsroom ever posted a video to Youtube?

  1. I’m warning you! I’m a married man. Just the thought of it.
  2. We tried it once when the paper down the road did it?
  3. We try and get as much video on as we can.

Has your website published a slideshow?

  1. I once went to a slideshow about my brothers holiday…very dull…
  2. Yes, but it was a static one that you had to click through.
  3. Yep, we started with static ones but we just got soundslides for the photographers to play with.

Can readers comment on your stories?

  1. Yes, they can send letters for my secretary to read
  2. We have a forum that runs on the site
  3. We have just got a new system that lets people comment on each story

Do you allow people to share your stories on social networks?

  1. Well, obviously, we would like them to buy a paper each. But if they leave one at their friends house at least it still gets counted in the circulation figures.
  2. We have an email to a friend on the old system. But our new site has links to digg and facebook.
  3. Yep. We are currently working on a facebook app.

Your answers:

Mostly A’s
Well done. Despite all the advice to the contrary you are sticking by your guns. Your publication has been successful for years; why change a successful formula?

Mostly B’s
You’re company is waking up to the web and giving you the tools for the job. Your well on the way but take some more risks to get really webby. Let your newsroom loose.

Mostly C’s
Congratulations you are webby aren’t you. Let’s hope that your company recognises that and supports you.