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The Liverpool Daily Post are trying Live blogging the news day after the success of a similar set up as part of their coverage of the local elections. Liverpool Daily Post editor Mark Thomas said:

“The success of the live blog during our local election coverage proved that our readers enjoy being a part of the news-gathering process, asking questions and sharing information.

“Now we want to take this a stage further and invite people to get involved in the production of their newspaper. Giving them the opportunity to comment via a live blog and streaming, and to actually ‘attend’ our news conference seemed the next logical step.”

Its a great idea and has already produced some interesting stuff already. In answer to a question about how many people work on video for example

Kmatt: %he Liverpool Daily Post and the Liverpool Echo share a TV unit which is staffed by two people. In addition to this, around seven members of staff from the two papers are video trained and will both write and film on jobs. We also have a “backpack” reporter for culture events during 2008. She’s called Samantha Parker and hopefully we’ll be hearing from her later.

The TV unit had made an appearance already.

It was a busy night for the TV unit. We grabbed a chat with Warren Bradley following his leadership victory and went down to the finals of the Dunlop British Open Squash championships at the ECHO arena. Check out the website for videos of both later today. Today our cameras are in Warrington where chef Paul Heathcote will be working with students at Warrington Collegiate, preparing and cooking a three course lunch will then be served to members of the public in Buckley’s Restaurant – this is the college restaurant which is open to the public. We’re also off to St Helens Rugby Club, so it’s a busy day.

A nice insight.

Lot’s more interesting and useful stuff appearing all the time. All credit to the people there for embracing this idea so well.

Go and check it out

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