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“The British Board of Film Classification launched a new voluntary online ratings scheme today, extending its established ratings labels such as U, 15 and 18 to digital downloads and video games.”
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“I didn’t like the way the thing is presented, but that’s not important, it’s just a place for videos that will be embedded someplace else, just like before. But this is another proof that video and citizen Journalism are becoming mainstream.”
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The AP 1-2-3
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The focus of this guide is to illuminate painstakingly the differences between these recorders. The products in this article are listed in order of price, starting with the least expensive.
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The LA times have created ” a fully integrated department in editorial that will serve our site and our newspaper, combining our print photo, Web photo and video operations into one new department: Visual Journalism.”
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Chinese voices

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It's mine ya'hear. Mine. All mine: Ownership and innovation

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