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Neil McIntosh makes the claim in a mea culpa about twitter. And the link would seem to back it up.
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Very good. Nice info. Must read
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“Yes. If you have the conviction to challenge yourself and learn from the personal experiences that result from that, then yes, I’d say so — whether you end up a journalist or not.” and it’s cheaper in the UK
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All three cameras have USB 2.0 and HDMI interfaces; the GZ-HD40 has FireWire 400 and USB 2.0. All three models support Mac software The HD30 and HD40 include a plug-in that enables iMovie HD 6, Final Cut Pro 5 and 6 to use its MPEG-2 files.
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“3. Let go of the old.” They mean old views…
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More lists but great stuff from Owens
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It looks nice but the news isnt. Scary stuff for US folks
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“Given Newsquest’s track record there will be a suspicion that this is nothing more than a way of compensating for staff cuts.” Roy, You old cynic, you
An aspect ratio calculator for the mac.
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Angela pulls out the video and multimedia comments from a review of the 23 top newspapers. Great stuff
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Local newspapers and social futures

[Tweet]( interesting Slideshare slideshows to share. First, the MEN’s Sarah Hartley has shared her round up of what the UK...

June Carnival of Journalism

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