[![](https://i1.wp.com/www.andydickinson.net/wp-content/uploads/2008/06/screen-capture-5.png?resize=500%2C319 "screen-capture-5")](http://magcloud.com/home)

Oooh. It’s been a real screen grab day today.

I deal with a range of different types of journalism day-by day. The geeks and the dead tree lot seem to be the most vocal in my life at the moment. Of course the* luvvies *from broadcast land are getting closer to seeing what is going on. But you very rarely hear the *glossies *of magazine world complain. Not that they aren’t elbow deep in this online/digital stuff like their print bretheren in newspapers. But maybe this will put the wind-up some.

Yes Magcloud is a print on demand magazine service. Like the growing number of print on demand book publishers this could be an interesting proving ground. Think of it less like the Daily me and more the Daily Me Me Me.

Whether it catches on or not I’m not sure. But perhaps the growing enagement with the download and keep culture that broadband builds is ripe for this kind of thing. If it is. Will the mag gorups follow or have they been bitten tooo badley by digital editions in the past.

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